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Edmin Aldrich
High-class scientist, always in the best of clothes and associating with the best of society. His pockets always contain a notebook and pencil. Mistakes or dead ends in equations, concepts, or notation are always precisely erased and corrected. Aldrich goes by his last name to almost all. His daughter call him Father. He has raised his daughter alone after his wife left him. He does not talk about his wife. Aldrich hopes for his daughter to marry the youngest of the Saviors, and  that she has a financially and socially successful life.
Age: 43
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 190
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Skin: White
Hometown: Elayzia West
Current Residence: Elayzia West
Occupation: Inventor
Income: High
Talents: Innovation, organization and precision
Birth Order: Oldest of 2
Relationships: Luxia, daughter; Jackson, pupil; Saviors, financiers; Scientists, colleagues
Socioeconomic Status: Born in Elayzia West, Aldrich came from a rather wealthy and influential family.
:iconyourpandabear82:YourPandabear82 0 1
Yes, I Love You by YourPandabear82 Yes, I Love You :iconyourpandabear82:YourPandabear82 3 5
The Goddess Letter
my Dear Child,
   The world is bigger than You think. You spend too much time taking in everything, trying to encompass the entire globe. When You look at it as One object, it’s tiny. Miniscule. It is only when You look at the little things does the world become a grand entity.
   i did not create this world for You to look at the whole and begin subtracting from it the individual aspects. The intent was not for You to take away from Your World, but to add it up, to start with the small things and add them to other small things until You had reached a greater Sum. One can be quite small, but it may also be quite big.
   Have You ever considered a caterpillar? Few do, but a very long time ago a young Girl prayed to me and asked if caterpillars were happy. i remember Her small voice rising into the clouds...
   Holy Mother, are butterflies happy? Do they see an older sibling and know they will be that beautiful someday? Or are they afraid something will go wrong and they won
:iconyourpandabear82:YourPandabear82 25 28
Today I Died
Today I died and I never got to tell my parents how much I love them, how glad I am that I was theirs.
Today I died and I never got to tell my best friend I am sorry for everything I've put him through.
Today I died and I never got to tell my boyfriend that I want us to be the cute old couple walking down the street holding hands.
Today I died and I never got to tell my future children how much I love them.
Today I died and I never got to say goodbye.
If I had survived for ten minutes longer it may have been the most painful ten minutes of my life, but I beg to have them. The pain is nothing in comparison to the agony of not saying everything I should've said.
Mom, I love going to bingo with you during the week. You have the biggest heart, a generous soul, and a loving nature. Life hasn't been easy for you, and I know I sometimes I ignore that. I'm so sorry Mom. You've given me such a warm and caring upbringing that it's hard for me to remember that you had to do without when you were
:iconyourpandabear82:YourPandabear82 103 170
Munchies by YourPandabear82 Munchies :iconyourpandabear82:YourPandabear82 6 31 Sexy TARDIS by YourPandabear82 Sexy TARDIS :iconyourpandabear82:YourPandabear82 45 30
This I Believe
It's that feeling I get when she smiles, somewhere between heart-stopping and mind-blowing with all the good bits of being alive. It doesn't feel like enough to say I have a crush on her. I feel as though I have much more at stake for liking her than I do if I like a guy. There is so much beauty in that feeling though, so much beauty in reaching the point when I no longer have anything to gain and have everything to lose, because she is so Beautiful.
The first time I had a crush on a girl, I was confused. I was in seventh grade, and at the time, I had no idea what "bisexuality" meant, or even that it existed. All I knew was that for 13 years I had dreamed of being saved by my prince charming, until that life altering moment when I first dreamed of saving my Beautiful princess.
Now, I know what bisexuality is. I'm still confused. It's impossible for me not to be when she walks by. Everything weighing on my heart disappears, I smile. Before meeting her, I hadn't smiled in a long time. Sh
:iconyourpandabear82:YourPandabear82 30 29
The Dragon's Close
Once upon a time, there was an odd, and yet typical, girl. The world around her was confusion. The villagers were hateful of other villages' citizens. Their militias fought battles on several fronts with several enemies. Sometimes their weapons were sticks, and sometimes bright orange, circular globes. Sometimes it was their bodies. But most often, it was their words and insults that fought the hardest to keep peace away. Likewise, the villagers were in a civil war, using these deadly weapons with these full intensity amongst themselves. It was a balanced threat; As they ripped themselves apart, the thought of ripping something else held them together.
The kingdom was in a similar position against other kingdoms. The world was at war.
And the girl saw it all. The reckless, pointless, hatred. She saw no sense in it; It saddened her. But she held her tongue, for yes, it was senseless, and yes, it had little worth, yet she also saw the beauty in the world.
The hate only did that which the
:iconyourpandabear82:YourPandabear82 10 5


This is really quite beautiful. It feels both soft and welcoming. The colors of the piece work well together, and keep everything soft,...

Firstly, I'd just like to say... WOW. This is a beautiful piece, and I definitely think you shouldn't be worrying about how you could'v...

My favorite thing about this piece is that it tells a story. Not all of the details, mind, but enough to make you curious. There is a g...

This is really well done. It's a very original idea. I love the take on creation. The shading is really well done and is very effective...




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Hey guys!

I know it's...been awhile to say the least.

And I'm not actually returning for good. I wanted to let all my followers know that I am going to start pulling down pieces so I can actually try to get them published elsewhere. Recently I've been published in Painted Cave for my story Altru. I encourage you to check it out. If you're interested in following my writing, my writing blog is ChrisandGielsing on tumblr. It might be slow going at first, but I hope you guys will follow and message me. I do miss you all!


YourPandabear82's Profile Picture
Catalina Rose
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
*Picture courtesy of kimmaieythefox

Catalina (Cat, Cati) is an idealist at heart, but a broken one. She isn't worried about this brokenness, though. It makes her into a wonderful arts and crafts project.
Her beliefs on religion are a little hazy, but she considers herself a Buddhist. In reality, she doesn't believe in the concept of religion so much as the concept of spirituality.
Catalina is a proud bisexual, currently dating an amazing, nerdy boyfriend (:iconx-wind-x:). "His nerdlyness compliments my own," she has told me, laughing a little as she continued on, "He's definitely my 42."
Her mind is a mix of geeky references, poetical and classical quotes, love, and craziness, all attached to a comfortable shoulder to cry on.

Critique her writing honestly and harshly, my friends. You will gain her friendship for life.

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Hey! My watcher peoples! You people are AWESOME. Finding out someone has clicked that Watch button tells me "Hey, you. Yeah you, you with the FACE. You have a little tiny bit of talent and people like that."

You guys make me want to write and post more. So you guys get some of the best benefits.

When you clickity that little watch button, I will do one of two things:

1.) I will go check out your artwork immediately.
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But never fear if you're part of this second group, because on Saturday and Sunday, I go through my list of Watchers and check out your artwork. Unless we have a mutually Watcherness going on. Then, obviously, I just wait for messages about your new stuff.

When I look at someone's art, I'll try and typically comment on at least one piece. Usually, I try and give some constructive criticism when I do. I can't always manage this, but I try my hardest. In addition, I will almost NEVER add a piece of artwork to my Favorites unless I add a comment as well.

Obviously, if I like a lot of your work, I'll clicky that watch button right back.


At some point...possibly multiple points. I shall give you a shout out, and send people towards your page. Regardless of whether or not I've clicky'd your watch button or not. Because I'm that awesome. :relax:

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And as with watchers, if I like a lot of your work, obviously I'm going to clickity that watch button. :squee:

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